3D Touch

February 3, 2023
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What is 3D Touch?


3D Touch is a three-dimensional touch technology, which is called a new generation of multi-touch technology. It is the Force Touch used on a screen. The screen can sense different pressure-sensitive touches.

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3D Touch can recognize the pressure of the user's touch, and perform different operations by pointing and pressing. As a core function, the "press and press" operation returns to the "right-click" mode, so it can bring users a more powerful tool or experience in text processing, form processing, and playing games. It can be understood as the right mouse button on the touch screen, which will once again change people's operating habits and experience, and further narrow the operating disadvantages compared with PCs.


This touch screen technology is a new touch technology that integrates capacitive touch and infrared sensing. This technology allows users to accurately convey pressure on a touch surface without relying on complex physical hardware, bringing user interface navigation and interaction to a whole new dimension. Force Touch is another meaningful new sensor function after multi-touch. After the follow-up of iOS and Android, etc., it may bring a new wave of replacements for mobile phones, especially tablets.

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