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February 15, 2023
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With the development of the Internet + era, the education model has also undergone tremendous changes. Network information technology is widely used in the contemporary education system, and major colleges and universities have successively launched live online classes. The integration of new technologies has undoubtedly injected new vitality into traditional classroom teaching. Through the webcast class, one-to-many real-time interactive teaching is realized, which brings a lot of convenience to our current teaching. But at the same time, due to the initial application and contact with this teaching method, there are also many problems that need to be solved in the teaching process.


1. Problems with live online classes


1. In the webcast class, the teacher explains the content of the classroom knowledge in the form of webcast. However, due to the limitations of the mouse, the content of the annotations and writing on the blackboard often cannot keep up with the speed of the explanation, and the handwriting is relatively scribbled and poor. During the whole live broadcast class, the teacher cannot flexibly explain the content on the floor, and the teaching experience is not strong, which affects the overall teaching quality.


2. The teaching form is tedious, and the students' sense of participation is not strong.

In the traditional teaching classroom, the teacher can be very passionate when facing the students in the audience, but in live teaching, the teacher only faces one screen, and the teaching form is tedious. In this way, the quality of teaching is weakened, which is harmful to students. Teachers' lectures are no longer lively and interesting, students can't concentrate, and they are less and less interested in live classes, which ultimately affects the overall teaching effect.


2. Feasible solution to the problem of live webcasting

For teachers and students who are accustomed to traditional classroom teaching, the biggest problem is how to realize online blackboard writing and classroom interaction. During the live online class, although the teacher can use the mouse to annotate the content of the courseware, the writing process is very laborious and the handwriting is ugly. Therefore, a hardware device that supports handwriting input recognition is an urgently needed teaching tool for webcast classes.

Itatouch has a professional webcast solution, providing a variety of digital handwriting input devices for teachers to write on the blackboard and make annotations, enrich the teaching form, enhance students' attention, and form a good interaction between teachers and students, thereby improving teaching efficiency.

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Itatouch professional handwriting input hardware device

Using the handwriting screen of Itatouch handwriting input device, the teacher can directly write on the screen with a stylus and make annotations. The 16:9 full-fit screen has a high-definition resolution of 1920x1080, and the picture is delicate and clear. The stylus does not need to be charged and can be used for continuous writing. with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and a reading rate of 266PPS to, it ensure the smooth and free writing process and provide a close to real handwriting experience. Whether it is Windows or macOS system, Itatouch handwriting screen can run stably and smoothly. In addition, all Itatouch handwriting input devices support office software such as Microsoft Office, and teachers can edit courseware content through the ink writing function.

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Combined with the third-party teaching platform and software, during the live webcasting class, the teacher writes and annotates the courseware content on the handwriting screen in real time, and simultaneously displays it on the computer screen, so that students can understand and master knowledge points in a timely manner. In the classroom process, the "question" link is inserted at the right time. By asking students to further grasp the learning level of the students, a good interaction between teachers and students is formed to achieve a better teaching effect of live online classes.

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