How to judge the quality of a all-in-one flat panel?

January 30, 2023
Latest company news about How to judge the quality of a all-in-one flat panel?

When everyone buys a product, the price is one of the more important references among many reference conditions, but the quality of the product is different, quality is a more important point, which help you to make decision - is it worthy for you to buy or not.therefore, we must understand that the quality of a product is the prerequisite for all transactions.


With the emergence of more and more touch screens manufacturers in the market, each manufacturer has different strengths and technologies, so the quality and function focus of the touch screen product are different.


Therefore, how to judge the quality of the touch screens is also a troublesome problem for consumers. This is mainly because most people's understanding of touch screen is mostly superficial. So, how do we correctly judge the quality?



A touch-screen all-in-one computer is actually a computer with touch function, although its manufacturing process and hardware materials are different from ordinary computers. The design of the all-in-one PC is integrated, which can be roughly divided into three parts: LCD screen, touch screen and computer host. And we judge the quality from these three aspects.


1. LCD screen:

It is the main carrier of the display function of the machine. Depending on the size, the larger the size, the higher the price. Some unscrupulous merchants in the market will use some second-hand screens or disassembled TV screens for lower prices and greater profits,so the quality is absolutely not guaranteed, and there will be many after-sales problems.


Therefore, it is best to purchase the touchscreen from trustworthy company, so that the quality is more guaranteed, and the best quality is industrial-grade LED LCD screens.


2. Touch screen:

At present, the touch screens on the market can be roughly divided into capacitive screens, resistive screens, infrared screens and optical screens. Not all touch screens are suitable for all-in-one flat panels, especially for large sizes. At present, infrared touch screen is the mainstream of the market.

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Infrared touch screens are divided into true multi-touch and false multi-touch. True infrared touch points without drift, deviation, circles and breaks. Conversely, wrong touches can cause breaks and drift. Although there is no obvious difference in the use effect of the two touch screens, once a mistake is made during use, people will be very annoyed, and the experience is very bad.


3. Computer/ OPS:


It is mainly composed of CPU, memory stick, hard disk, cooling fan and other accessories. The data processing performance of high-configuration hosts and low-configuration hosts is completely different. The high-configuration host runs fast, responds well, and provides a good user experience. Conversely, a very bad experience will go through your whole operation.


Even the simple accessory in a low quality will cause bad experience. For example, the cooling fan, the brand fan has been used for a year without noise, and the non-brand fan makes noise after only a few months.

To summarize, consumers have to weight each side of the coin to find a suitable product.


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