why did Apple finally give up on 3D Touch?

February 7, 2023
Latest company news about why did Apple finally give up on 3D Touch?

3D Touch is like a physical plug-in, allowing you to "innately" have one more finger than others-this is why game anchors love to use iPhone 8 Plus to play mobile games.

However, Apple's follow-up decision made many Apple fans feel quite puzzled. Apple canceled 3D Touch on the iPhone XR tentatively, and then found that it had little impact on sales.

So starting from iPhone 11, Apple has canceled the 3D Touch function in all series, and chose to replace it with haptic touch.


3D Touch is obviously a black technology with a burst of word-of-mouth, why did Apple finally give up on it?


In my opinion, there are 3 reasons.

First of all, haptic touch (long press vibration feedback) can replace most of the superficial functions of 3D Touch, such as long press the APP icon on the desktop to expand the common menu, or long press the flashlight on the lock screen of the mobile phone to quickly activate the flashlight.

These basic, commonly used, and obvious functions are realized through haptic touch, and the experience will not be greatly compromised. In other words, the cancellation of 3D Touch will not affect the experience of most people.


Second, 3D Touch needs to be realized through hardware. The most critical point is to add a layer of Strain Gauges deformation sensor under the screen to test the pressure coefficient of the screen.

The interior of the iPhone body is already expensive, so keeping 3D Touch will increase the cost and make it hard to get the phone body thinner,further more, the battery capacity will be limited to small ,Example: The body of the iPhone 8 Plus is actually larger than that of the iPhone 11, but the battery of the 8P is only 2675 mAh, while the battery of the iPhone 11 is 3110 mAh.

Obviously, after cutting off 3D Touch, Apple can finally make up for the disadvantage of battery life.

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Third, although 3D Touch is easy to use, most APP developers do not adapt to 3D Touch.

The reason is simple. When a developer designs an APP, the interface interaction must consider Android and iOS platforms at the same time. It is impossible to tailor it only for the iPhone.

This has led to a phenomenon that most commonly used software and games will not be adapted to 3D Touch, and only a very small number of mobile games will be adapted to 3D Touch. Over time, 3D Touch became a neglected feature.

In addition, there is also a major trend in Apple's software ecosystem. Apple is encouraging iOS developers to create cross-platform applications and transplant iOS apps to macOS and iPad OS to achieve a unified ecosystem.

The 3D Touch function is obviously contrary to the general trend. It is impossible for Apple to equip MacBook and iPad with pressure-sensitive screens as standard, and the cost is too high.

The above three points are the reasons why Apple finally chose to give up 3D Touch.

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